In May 2022, two BIG Flag Dragon flags accompanied two different expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest
Expedition: Full Circle Everest
Flags are 5 feet x 3 feet
Expedition: Lhakpa Sherpa
Lhakpa is the the Guinness World Record holder for most Everest summits by a woman – this one was number ten!  She carried with her (among a number of other flags of sponsors and friends) this flag  representing The Authenticity Institute.
The first all-black team to summit Mount Everest
Everest Flags
About Lhakpa Sherpa
About The Authenticity Institute
About Full Circle Everest
About the expedition
Delivering the flag to Lhakpa (on the right) the night before her departure to Nepal
At the summit of Mount Everest
The Full Circle Everest team at Everest Base Camp
Made of .75 oz. sailboat spinnaker cloth – flag weight is 3 ounces
Photo courtesy Ngawang Tenji Sherpa
Photo courtesy Evan Green
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